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Industries We Proudly Serve

We provide highly trained security guard officers to large and small commercial, industrial and residential clients. We work with our clients to create a customized security procedures program tailored for each location where we are entrusted with security operations.


Solid Foundations LTD. has been providing Government Related Security Guards in New York City areas since 2008. Our Government Related Security guards make sure they provide top-notch security with the right technology and highly visible physical presence.

Our dedicated Financial Institutions security guards with situational awareness, timely identification, innovative operations and latest technology provide a comprehensive security program to suit your needs.

Government Security Guard Service

  • Monitor cameras (CCTV)
  • Uniform security guard
  • Login & logout visitors and vendors
  • Assist front desk personnel
  • Provide additional guard for special situations
  • Patrol parking lot and enforce parking rules
  • Report hazards to management or maintenance


Solid Foundations LTD. provides top-notch security solutions to educational institutions and provides peace of mind for students and parents. Our School Security guards excel in threat perception through risk analysis and minimize abduction and vandalism. We offer complete security guard services to all Educational Institutes in New York City. Our prices are very competitive, and hence even the smallest of schools in New York City can afford a safety program.

Our highly trained Educational Institutes security guards ensure to deploy every student’s right to feel safe in their learning environment, and every teacher’s right to be comfortable in their workplace.

Schools Security Guard Service

  • Unarmed onsite security
  • Emergency response
  • Randomized patrol
  • Onsite foot patrol
  • Building safety programs
  • Crime prevention programming
  • Risk management and assessments
  • Crisis planning and response


Solid Foundations LTD. provides the right type of person for the customer-centric security role in hotels. Our Hotels and Motel's security guards help foster an inviting atmosphere for the guests. Guests feel welcome and watched-over without compromising their comfort. Solid Foundations Ltd. provides services in the NYC 5 boroughs. Our security guards provide undeterred service to our customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week since 2003.

Our highly trained Hotels and Motels security guards protect your reputation and brand built over the years by ensuring the safety of your guests while maintaining a friendly customer service.

Hotels Security Guard Service

  • Monitor cameras (CCTV)
  • Business attire uniform security guard
  • Login & logout visitors and vendors
  • Assist front desk personnel
  • Provide additional guard for special situations
  • Patrol parking lot and enforce parking rules
  • Report hazards to management or maintenance


Solid Foundations LTD. offers complete construction site security guard services to businesses in New York City. Our customized construction security program revolves around your needs and effectively deter all potential criminals from interfering with your time-sensitive work.

Highly trained construction site security guards ensure that no unauthorized visitors make it onto your site, meaning nothing will come between you and your deadlines.

Construction Security Guard Service

  • Login & logout visitors and vendors
  • Patrol construction site
  • Prevent graffiti
  • Stop unauthorized visits
  • Control loitering in and around the construction site
  • Report hazards to construction supervisor
  • Write Daily Activity Report

Mobile Patrol

Solid Foundations LTD. mobile security patrols offer an opportunity to maintain complete security throughout your whole business or property. Our mobile patrol service cover more area than our static security guards for greater visibility and protection. With the option of mobile security patrols, you can trust us to keep your entire property safe.

As a part of our mobile patrol unit guards are required to undergo to a driving background check. In addition to having a clean driving record guards must also complete a driving safety.

Mobile Patrol Security Guard Service

  • Fully SIA licensed and trained mobile security guard
  • Uniformed mobile guard and marked patrol vehicle
  • Cover larger areas than a static security guard
  • Reports detailing any call of duty
  • Internal mobile security
  • Rapid response to any incidents